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GoodWe DT series inverter adopts cutting-edge technology in photovoltaic fields. Higher conversion efficiency and lower energy losses are guaranteed to maximize customer satisfaction. With its reliable power grid support management and high protective class, the DT series is compatible with different types of branded solar panels and is also ideal for commercial rooftop systems. This safe and reliable series is the first choice for residential,commercial installations and power plants.


—— Product features ——
  • Maximum Efficiency up to 96.8%
  • European Efficiency up to 96.7%
  • MPPT Efficiency up to 99.9%
  • IP65 dust-proof and water-proof
  • 45°C full-load output
  • Lighter than similar products
  • Multiple monitoring and communication
  • Up to 80 pieces can be integrated in one system
—— Technical parameter ——
—— Certification Download ——
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