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Weight (Kg) 7.5000
Peak Efficiency 97.00 %
Model ID GW1500-NS
Phases of Inverter Single-Phase
Input (DC)
Max DC Power 1950 W
Start- Up Voltage 80 V
Max Input Voltage (Vmax) 500 V
Max Current DC Input 10 A
Number of Independent MPPT Channelsel 1
Input Voltage Range (MPPT, Grid Tie) 80~450 V
Output (AC)
Nominal Output Power 1500 W
Output Power Rating 1.1kW - ≦10kW
Nominal Output Voltage 230 V
AC Frequency 50HZ/60HZ
Operating Frequency Range 45~55HZ@50HZ/55~65HZ@60HZ
Max Output Current 7.5 A
Total Harmonic Distortion <3 %
Isolation Transformer Transformerless
Mechanical Specifications
Dimension 344*274.5*123 mm
Operating Conditions
Operating Temperature -25℃~+60℃
Noise Emission Level <25 dB
Ground Fault Protection Integrated
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Manufacturer GoodWe
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